Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sam Milby seen with American girl in Bohol

By Dolly Anne Carvajal
Last updated 10:04pm (Mla time) 08/01/2007

I took the same flight to Bohol that Sam Milby did. Along with Isay Alvarez, Robert Seña, Candy Pangilinan and Leo Martinez, I was invited by Tagbilaran Mayor Dan Lim to grace the 60th birthday of Hans Schoof, a German who married a pretty Boholana, Lani.

Hans is well-loved by the people of Bohol. His birthday is almost like a national holiday in Chocolate Hills country.

While waiting in the van to proceed to our hotel, Robert, Isay and I were trying to figure out if the “Amgirl” with Sam was his GF or just a special friend. They were in another van next to ours when we saw the girl fondling Sam’s hair while his head was resting on her shoulder.

Maybe they were just being affectionate, since Sam seems to be the malambing type. They were not seated together in the plane.

Perhaps it’s just the dreamy charm of Bohol that brought out the sweetness in them.

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