Sunday, October 28, 2007

Paris Hilton EXPOSE!

Paris Hiton has made tabloid headings once again. A new website, features some of Paris Hilton's most private and intimate personal items. The website has Paris up in arms with anger. In fact, Paris is so frustrated with the release that she may even take the owners to court.

So how exactly did the website get their hands on such personal items as diaries, cell phone conversations, address books, personal videos and more? The items were auctioned off from an LA storage facility when Paris failed to cough up the $208 bill in November of 2005.

Some of the private items that Paris may not want the world to see include a personal video of her in a "sexy bubble bath" and her drinking with friends while using other illegal substances.

Visitors to the new website are required to pay $39.97 to gain access which will allow them to view all videos, credit card bills, medical records, bank statements and love letters from Nick Carter.

Can things get any worse for the 25 year old heiress? Yes they can. When I said privates I meant personal items (like cell phones and diaries) but according to sources, in addition to all other goods on the website there are all-new, never before seen sex videos. You'd think she would have learned after the first incidence..

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